It’s no secret that hotel rooms are, well, less than pleasant. Often times you are provided with a roommate who snores, smells bad or is just plain annoying. You often have to make due with the sorry excuse for WiFi they provide when there are perfectly good open networks in the vicinity requiring nothing more than password purloining . The internet speed is often lacking. Not to mention the lack of electrical sockets to keep your phone and laptop topped off for long sessions at the desk.

Follow our instructions below on how to turn your room into a completely vape friendly zone in just a matter of minutes!

STEP 1: Identify a smoke detector in your hotel room that isn’t being used. Often times you’ll have one on the ceiling or on the wall across from the bed. Make sure it’s not plugged in! Just to be safe, unplug it anyway .

STEP 2: Unscrew the smoke detector cover with a Phillips head screwdriver. If no screws are present then just turn the smoke detector cover clockwise until it pops off.

STEP 3: Find the red wire connected to the smoke detector circuit board. If you are having trouble finding it, just follow the cord back to where it plugs into an outlet or passes through a hole in the wall/ceiling.

STEP 4: Strip about 1cm of wire on each end of the red wire.

STEP 5: Find your wall socket to USB adapter. Plug the male end into the wall.

Step 6: Plug in your USB charging cord you’re using for your mod, cigalike or ecig battery.

Step 7: Strip about 1cm of wire on each side of the USB cable. Make sure to take note which wire is positive and which is negative.

Step 8: Strip about 1cm of wire on each end of the red wire.

STEP 9: Wrap exposed metal on both USB wires together, then wrap exposed metal on red smoke detector wire to one of the USB wires. We recommend using something heat resistant like a ceramic tile coaster or phone stand . It’s probably a good idea to use electrical tape too.

STEP 10: Tape everything up! Double check that there are no loose wires or exposed metal sticking out.

Step 11: Put the cover back on the smoke detector and screw it in place.

Your vape-friendly USB outlets should be ready for usage! You may want to test them with a non-vape USB powered device before you put the smoke detector back up and plug in your ecig or mod  (just in case).

Good luck and enjoy your vape friendly hotel room! If you follow these instructions, we won’t be held responsible for any damage to property/health caused by misuse.

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